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Read what past clients have to say about Simplify!

"Holly and her crew made our move, after 50 years in our old home, very easy.  When we got to the new place everything was in order ... things were in the right drawers, closets etc.  The service was timely, reliable and well worth the cost.  We highly recommend them."

Jim F.

"Holly with Simplify was amazing.  She has organizing down to a science.  She helped move my parents from their 30 year home in days and was so compassionate and understanding.  She gets my highest recommendations!"


"I would like to express my appreciation to Holly Doan.  I do not know how I could have given my brother the support he needed 500 miles away without her.  She made herself available every step of the way!  He needed assistance clearing out his house, organizing and purging as he was moving to a much smaller place.  Taking into account his life style and preferences Holly prepared a design plan for placement of his furniture, clothes and collectibles. She even shopped for many of these items! 


This process was seamless with her at my side -- I can not say enough great things about her.  Thank you."

Maree M.

Holly has been a very valuable "add" to my real estate business as I focus on helping people

who are downsizing their residence. She is that great combination of very patient but very

organized. I can always count on her to do the job in a time efficient manner and also have a very happy client when finished. Yes, the discernment of what to take and what to jettison can be done on your own, but most folks just procrastinate and then end up paying a mover to take a bunch of stuff they will never even look at again, no less use. Having a professional guide you through it is a money saver, time saver, stress saver.

Doug G. - Mission Viejo

Holly, from Simplify, has worked with various residents of The Wellington, senior living community, and comes highly recommended. She provides great communication, top-notch service, and really spends the time to get to know her clients and how to best be of service to


Chris E. - Yorba Linda

Thank you for being my go to place each time I need assistance!

I hired this company to help me purge through some of my parents belongings after the passing of my father and the need to relocate my mom . I worked with Holly and she was amazing . So professional and compassionate . Highly recommend her as she saved us time and money with this daunting task .

Mary M.

I cannot say enough great things about this company! There is no way anyone else could have moved my mom and all her things not once but twice in less than six months( after Mom fell ill).  This company has it all.... efficiency, communication, and knowledge all packed in with a smile and kindness!

Marcella L.

Thank you so much! WOW what a difference! Our space is de cluttered and looks amazing! Things are easier to find now as well!!! Thanks again!

Tana R.

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