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  • Cailey Olson

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

Of all people, we here at Simplify know how overwhelming and frustrating decluttering can be. Because of this we want to share an inside scoop of the steps we take to tackle the mess.

Step 1: Set goals

The first step to a clutter-free house is to write down your goal for decluttering. Figure out what you want the end product to look and feel like for you and your family. Are you getting rid of things, or simply organizing the stuff you have? Take time to think about this and write down the specifics of each room.

Step 2: Start with the easy part

Once you have one victory under your belt, it will motivate you to continue. This could be as easy as making your bed before you begin the real work. Little accomplishments will add up to a freshly-amazing, clutter-free space for you. If you lose motivation, take a break, come back to it, and start the cycle over with another small victory.

Step 3: Room by room

Now that you’ve found your motivation and are on the decluttering roll, it’s time to take your home by storm, room by room, cabinet by cabinet, and shelf by shelf. Just like any other task, it is much easier and more rewarding if you complete it little by little. Choose one shelf to start with. After you’ve finished that, move onto the next. Once you’ve finished all of the drawers and cabinets in one room, move to the next, and soon enough you will be sitting pretty in your clutter-free organized home.

Step 4: Get unwanted items out

The process is not complete until your house (and your car) are rid of the unwanted items. The weight won’t be completely lifted off of your shoulders until those items have lost space in your presence. Out of sight, out of mind.

Step 5: Create decluttering habits

Congratulations! You’ve successfully decluttered your home and are enjoying your new space. Now, step 5 is to make habits out of steps 1 through 4. The ultimate goal is to keep your home decluttered. This can be done by maintaining daily habits like getting rid of things immediately after realizing you don’t want or need it anymore, throwing broken things away, and adjusting shopping habits so that you don’t continue to bring unnecessary items in, adding to the clutter.

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